Approach: Behavior-Centered Functional Training

At BFT we approach behavior issues in a functional way. If there is something that needs to be fixed to create a more relaxed living environment for you and your pet, BFT can help. Behavior-centered means that our emphasis is on analyzing why the dog is acting the way it is, and working with the root of the problem to fix the behavior. A lot of times dogs will act out because something is going on in their environment or lives that is causing them stress. When the problem is addressed, all kinds of bad behaviors go away. By looking at who the dog is and what they want and need, we can create a training plan to make both dog and owner much happier.

Functional training addresses problems that effect every day life. If you have to alter your lifestyle to accommodate your dogs quirks, we can re-examine that routine to make every day living with your dog fun and rewarding for both of you. If you are looking for a trainer that understands the psychology of your dog and wants to help fix your relationship with your dogs, please set up an appointment to discuss options for your dog, your best friend.