Board and Train

Overnight stays at my house. This includes regular walks, play sessions, manners training, and socialization outings for one or two dogs at a time.

Boarding Only

For mellow dogs with no specific training needs. This includes 1 or 2 short walks a day and a comfortable home with lots of love and attention throughout the day.


1-hour personalized training sessions. Packages available. Specializing in shy/ fearful dogs, household manners refreshing, and basic obedience for adults and puppies. READ --> Approach: Behavior-Centered Functional Training

Socialization Outings

For puppies, shy dogs, and any other dog that needs to get out and build confidence, socialization outings can be arranged. During these outings of 1-2 hours, your dog will be exposed to a variety of people, places, and things in a positive way. This will help them get over fear issues, and prevent fear in younger dogs.

Daily Visits - Options for overnight clients or for long day away

Quick Break
This includes potty break, play time in the yard, water change, feeding/ medications if needed, and cleanup.

Walk and Play (1 hour)
This includes a 30 to 40 minute walk, play in the yard, water change, feeding if needed and cleanup.